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company news about The USDD is on the rise, and the "TRON advantage" is increasingly prominent

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Company News
The USDD is on the rise, and the "TRON advantage" is increasingly prominent

Since its official launch on May 5th, TRON USDD has successfully become a super nova in the global crypto market in less than a month, and has driven Defi in the Tron ecosystem, making it the same as the two former giants of cryptocurrency. Ethereum and BSC have formed a three-pillared situation of three major public chains, and many well-known institutions have joined the whitelist of TRON DAO, which has attracted worldwide attention to USDD.

Whether it is from the development speed of USDD, a series of actions of TRON on USDD, or any aspect of rushing into the TOP70 of CMC market capitalization, it can be seen that USDD is more than a stable currency for TRON. , There is no doubt that the USDD that relies on the TRON public chain has a bright future.

Behind the coronation of USDD, what is the "TRON advantage"?

It can be said that with its ultra-high liquidity and mortgage rate, USDD, an algorithmic stablecoin, has maintained a high-quality label in the eyes of investors for a long time, and has even been placed on expectations to reconstruct the stablecoin competition landscape. The coronation of traceable USDD, its own high quality is one aspect, and the "TRON advantage" behind it is also a big help.

As an old-fashioned public chain, TRON has over 100 million users in the entire network. USDD has a unique ecological scale advantage in issuance because it is backed by the TRON public chain. At the level of stablecoin market reform, based on the existing huge stablecoin network and the average daily transaction volume of 7.7 billion US dollars, TRON may be the most confident problem solver in the market and the party that promotes the process of financial freedom. Strong capital reserves, mature community consensus, stable coin issuance and operation experience tempered by large business volume, and the ready-made ecology of this TRON public chain, such as these "confidence", made USDD become "contained" from the very beginning. Born with a Golden Spoon".

In the future, the Fed also plans to raise more than $10 billion as a guarantee to support USDD in the long term, which means that if this plan becomes a reality, USDD can withstand almost any form of rigid run. This method of over-collateralization is somewhat similar to MakerDAO, and MakerDAO remains stable after multiple liquidations, which shows the reliability of this method, but the inefficient use of funds is also the reason why many stable projects are reluctant to adopt this method. From this, it is not difficult to see that, except for the rich and powerful TRON, who would be willing to provide such a high proportion of over-collateralization for their stablecoins? The "TRON advantage" is evident.

USDD may be a key move for the decentralized layout of TRON and Justin Sun

The "TRON advantage" achieved with USDD is not achieved overnight. Whether it is auctioning Metaverse artworks or launching a USDD decentralized stablecoin, every step Justin Sun takes is contributing to the TRON ecosystem and enriching it. The products of TRON ecology stimulate the potential of TRON ecology.

Obviously, as a newly launched business and important puzzle in the TRON ecosystem this year, the choice of USDD by Justin Sun and TRON is not for nothing. Whether the algorithmic stablecoin can be successful requires two key factors. One is whether it is reasonable and achievable. Profitable usage scenarios are used to make up for the distributed benefits. The second is whether there are sufficient and usable funds to provide liquidity in the event of a liquidity crisis.

Facts have proved that the listing of USDD has brought many unexpected gains. The first is that the market has been sluggish in May, and the market activity is low. The collapse of UST has caused a large number of users of the Anchor protocol to turn to USDD. With the incentive of high APY for a limited time, it has attracted a large number of users to join. The launch of USDD has attracted enough attention for Justin Sun and TRON. It also helped TRON fill the last blank in the stablecoin field, and built a complete stablecoin ecosystem consisting of USDT, USDJ, TUSD, USDC, and USDD, and enabled TRON to build the world's largest stablecoin system.

Focusing on the broader crypto market, we also need a party that can provide stable and reliable infrastructure for the market, including the future of open finance, and even a party that can protect the market and conduct effective macro-control when necessary. This is the current goal of TRON's transformation. , the launch of USDD is indispensable. Therefore, in addition to the benefits of backfeeding and positive cyclical growth for the TRON ecology itself, TRON's USDD development is also for the strategic development needs of the entire ecosystem. The ecosystem of public chains such as Ethereum forms a differentiated competitive landscape. Coindesk commented that the decentralization process of TRON allows people to see the future of the Internet.

USDD will help TRON rejuvenate

As mentioned above, the products represented by USDD are all part of the TRON puzzle, and they will feed back the TRON, from the point to the surface, to jointly create a comprehensive ecological map and converge into a super ecology.

First, cooperate with giants to obtain traffic and underlying infrastructure. After TRON acquired BitTorrent in 2018, it officially became the world's largest decentralized Internet ecosystem.

Secondly, the DApp of the public chain entered the mobile app store for the first time, laying a solid foundation for the rapid expansion of the ecosystem and opening a precedent for the cooperation between the public chain and mobile phone giants.

Subsequently, competitive products were developed to support the active trading side. In March 2019, Tether issued the stable currency TRC20-USDT based on the TRON network, establishing TRON's leading position in the stable currency field.

The last and most important step is to upgrade USDD in the DeFi field and continuously upgrade credit enhancement measures according to market conditions. On June 5th, USDD was officially upgraded to the world's first decentralized hyper-collateralized stablecoin. On the day of the upgrade, it ranked first in the world with a mortgage rate higher than 130%, making it the safest decentralized stablecoin in the entire network. The official website and the official website of TRON Joint Reserve provide 24-hour real-time public inquiry of the pledge rate. CNBC commented that, unlike UST, which is only partially collateralized by cryptocurrencies, USDD is designed to be over-collateralized, meaning that its reserve assets are always higher than the amount of USDD in circulation.

USDD is not only protected by the TRON ecology, but also has achieved positive feedback. With the growth of USDD, not only does the TRON network DeFi lock up ranks third in the entire network, but the total number of TRON accounts also continues to increase by 200,000 per day. rise.

As Justin Sun once said, stablecoins will continue to flourish as an important part of the crypto asset market. When the collapse of UST affected the entire crypto asset market, USDD can be said to have made a good start. The price stability maintained by its perfect decentralized management system has gained user confidence and has had a huge number of usage scenarios since its inception. In Terra's ecology, the only use scenario of UST is Anchor's high-interest rate deposits. It only relies on ecological funding to try to make up for the huge funding gap. Since its birth, USDD has been supported by the TRON ecology and the world's largest encrypted transfer network.

With the wave of globalization of the digital economy, the rapid development of Internet finance and cryptocurrency, the trend of world financial digitization is already very clear, and the process of digital development is irreversible. From the current global financial development environment, the decentralized stable currency represented by USDD represents the future development direction of "financial freedom". Shuipi, a well-known scholar, once commented on it: in the way of TRON reshaping the Internet, the issuance of USDD is a symbol of TRON's subversion of Internet finance.

It is foreseeable that after the heavy upgrade to the world's first decentralized hyper-collateralized stablecoin, TRON USDD will accelerate its entry into more public chain ecology and mainstream applications in the industry. With the continuous expansion of its issuance scale and user scale, USDD will surely become an epoch-making product in the history of stablecoin development, making the decentralization of the blockchain more pure, and finally promoting the wave of decentralization to sweep the world, allowing TRON to rely on USDD is rejuvenated.

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